When do grinds take place?

Our grinds take place from Monday to Friday after school hours. Each grind is one hour long with the exception of Applied Maths which runs for 90 minutes. Subjects are held at various times and evenings. Please contact us for specific details.

Who are the teachers?

All our staff are highly experienced secondary school teachers. Many have worked at McGinn Tuition Centre for a number of years and have a proven track record. All our teachers are handpicked because of their reputation as well as their friendly and helpful approach to the students. Many of our teachers are authors of text books and senior state exam correctors.

Is there homework?

Yes, homework is given and corrected every week and each student is expected to complete assignments on time. Homework is an extension of the grind and is a vital part of the process. Students will be advised as to how much time should be spent weekly to maximise the benefit of the grind.

Are there tests?

Yes, tests are given on a regular basis and results are sent home in reports. Tests and weekly homework are an invaluable means to monitoring the students progress.